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We believe that God, who is called by many names, is the eternal Creator and internal Source of all


We believe that God is love and that everything is an expression or a call to love, and that love of self and others is our ultimate and highest good


We believe that we may become intimately acquainted with this eternal loving Source through the knowledge of the God self


We believe that Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness


We believe that God, the Creator, used the power of thought and word to create all that is and because we are created in God’s image and likeness our thoughts and words are powerful and creative


We believe that God has given each member of creation gifts that edify, instruct, and heal


We believe that there are many paths to God and only one way, which is love


We believe that there are various books and teachers that aid in spiritual growth and we do not ascribe to only one as the ultimate truth


We believe in the presence of our ancestors and we give honor to the lessons taught through their journey


We believe that equality and justice is an expression of freedom and the birthright of all people, which allows us to responsibly search for truth and meaning, and assures us access to our common source – God 


We believe that the concept of sin is that which prevents us from being and living our highest and best good 


We believe that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for lessons 


We believe that those who walk in intimate fellowship with the God bear fruits of God’s likeness  


We believe in our divine connectedness, one with another, through spiritual integration  


We believe that God works in us, through us, and as us 


We believe in the preservation of the earth which is an important source of sustenance of all living things 


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