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A Radically Inclusive, Expansive, And Diverse Inter-Spiritual Community 

worship with us!

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Welcome to Integrated Praise Spiritual Center (I.P.S.C.) where we are loving people to healing. In this home, the gathering place (the ecclesia), we are shedding the dogmas of religion and becoming more spiritually awakened and liberated. Here, spiritual development and evolution is not just some abstract concept to be debated over coffee or tea but rather a goal, which is encouraged. At I.P.S.C. we connect with people from diverse backgrounds and honor the God that moves in, through, and as us. Hence, your personal relationship with that which you hold sacred as well as your names for and expressions of same, which are rooted in love and fosters oneness, life, overall wellbeing, and freedom, are not only encouraged but embraced. We invite you to make I.P.S.C. your home and lets journey together to the Sacred Reality.

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