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Covenant Relationship Application

Key Criteria for Covenant Relationship

1. You agree with the vision and mission of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center

2. You agree with our Principles of Faith.

3. You agree to abide by the code of conduct set forth for everyone in covenant

     relationship with Integrated Praise


4.  You acknowledge and are in agreement that the Master Servant(s)/Pastor(s) and the

     Spiritual Elder(s) of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center are responsible for serving in a

     pastoral role in your life.


5.  You commit to support the divine work of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center with your

    prayer, attendance, time, gifts, abilities, and tithes/offerings as you are able.


Each adult, eighteen years of age and older, who is interested in establishing covenant relationship with Integrated Praise is required to complete the covenant relationship application form and submit it to the Master Servant (AmunDayo Edwards), Priestess (Anes-a Anyanwa Campbell-Edwards), or the church secretary (Sheldon Small).  The church secretary or a member of the Master Servant’s team will be in contact with you to schedule an interview to complete this process.


For further information, please call the church office at (916) 296-7177 or email us at



AmunDayo De. Edwards

Master Servant


Please complete this form and submit. Once received and reviewed, the church secretary, Sheldon Small, will contact you to schedule a time for an interview to complete the process.


Today's Date




Preferred Pronoun


Birth Date


Contact Information


Home Phone 


Cell Phone 


Email Address


Marital Status 




Do you have children?


Emergency Contact(s)

Emergency Contact 1


Home Phone 


Cell Phone 




Home Phone 


Cell Phone 


Are you currently a member of a church or spiritual institution?


If yes, please list name of church or spiritual institution:


Are you serving in a specific role(s) in your church or spiritual institution? 


Have you ever been affiliated with a church or spiritual institution? 


Relationship with Integrated Praise Spiritual Center

How were you introduced to Integrated Praise Spiritual Center?


If yes, what is your title?


Intent to Serve

What area(s) would you like to serve in at Integrated Praise Spiritual Center?


If known, what are your spiritual gift(s) or talent(s)?


How might Integrated Praise Spiritual Center best serve you?


Statement of Faith

Have you read and do you agree with the attached Principles of Faith?   


Have you read and do you agree to honor and abide by the attached Covenant?  


Are you committed to supporting the divine work of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center with your prayers, attendance, time, gifts, abilities, and tithes/offerings?  


Signature and Date


For Office Use IPSC.png


Music Ministry / The Arts

I am or would like to:



I am interested in/willing to


I have training in holistic practices or healthy living (e.g., nutrition, fitness, naturopathy, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, etc.)


Print Ministry

I have interest or background in journalism/writing, and I would be interested in transcribing/editing the Master Servant’s awakening moments, correspondences, and manuscripts as well as prepare the later for publishing in book format. 



Visitation Ministry 

Hospitality Ministry / Event Planner

Social Justice Ministry 

I am willing to establish and head a social justice ministry, which is inclusive but not limited to remaining abreast of current events locally, nationally, and globally; informing the Master Servant of same, helping to create an appropriate response to the situation (e.g., social media/press release, joining or developing peaceful rallies, protest, vigils, etc.), advocating for peace, justice, and equality for all people as well as provide support to the marginalized and disenfranchised at home and abroad.



Primary responsibility; aiding the Master Servant and Elders in meeting the various needs within the Spiritual Center, attending planning meetings, etc.


Responsibilities entail the following: Meet and greet people as they enter the church, directing them to where they need to be, seat people in pews as needed, distribute bulletins and handouts, and collect offerings.


Preparation for Worhsip

Maintenance of Sacred Space 


 I have training in self-defense and/or experience in security



Sound Room 

Website Ministry 

List other ministry ideas/interest


Your content has been submitted



Emergency Contact 2


Church /Spiritual Affiliation and Background

List the role(s):


If yes, please list the denomination(s):


Month and year you began attendance


Are you currently serving in any area(s) of ministry? 


If yes, what area(s)?


Do you currently hold a leadership position in Integrated Praise Spiritual Center? 


I have filled out Integrated Praise Spiritual Center Opportunities form (optional). 


Additional Information

Why do you choose to enter into Covenant Relationship with Integrated Praise Spiritual Center?


Have you read and do you agree with the attached Vision and Mission?   


Service Opportunities

Please prayerfully and carefully fill out the form below and return with your Covenant Relationship Application.  Mark the areas of ministry for which you have an interest or passion. Please be advised that the opportunities listed within this document are reflective both current and future possibilities for ministry.  If you are interested in other areas of ministry or have an idea for a ministry that is not listed herein, please provide that information on this form or on a separate piece of paper, if needed. Please check ALL areas you are interested in.   


Prayer Chain

I would like to organize a prayer via conference call.  This would entail facilitating the sessions and making sure a system is in place to remind relationship partners of the call times as well as ensure that all prayer requests are given attention


Healing Ministry

I would like to provide “wholistic” support to relationship partners


If you've indicated training in counseling or the medial field; Where, What amount, and are you credentialed?


Service Opportunities

Covenant Connection 

I am interested in protecting I.P.S.C. leaders, covenant relationship partners, friends, visitors, domain, and property.


Duties would include: making sure the sound room stays organized, ordering tapes and other media when necessary, recruiting and training others to carry out your functions if and when necessary, creating audio and/or visual CDs and filling orders by duplicating CDs and getting them to the right person.

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