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"A Wholesome and Transformative Experience"




     eed your soul and grow, grow, GROW! Seize the opportunity to participate in our Living-Well Groups and Activities. They are intended to be simple and yet profound, powerful, awakening, riveting, real, transformative, diverse, healing, fun, and more. Different groups will gather on various days to share in discussions on a variety of literature, topics of interest, and to participate in activities that aid in living spiritually viable and wholesome lives as well as to better appreciate the diversity and uniqueness among us. When you free your mind, the rest will follow.  



Join us in prayer and let us stand in agreement with each other and in the gap for others as we commune with God, giving thanks, seeding our souls, and affirming the highest and best good for all.  

Book Study

Let’s awaken together as we respectfully, lovingly, and openly examine and discuss literary works pertaining to spirituality.  Integrated Praise Spiritual Center do not ascribe to any one book as the ultimate truth; therefore, a variety of books (biblical and non-biblical), written by various light bearers, that aid in spiritual growth will be studied.  This shared learning experience will challenge, awaken, transform, and free you to live the spiritually abundant life you so richly deserve.  Open to community.   


Wholistic Life 

The primary focus of “wholistic" life is self-care.  A multimodal approach incorporating curative arts, meditation, holistic exercises and workshops as well as shared experiences and more is intended for this circle of life. Via networking, various credible and experienced holistic practitioners, life coaches, healers, and other relevant support specialists will be invited to facilitate the circle and aid the participants in caring for themselves.  Come participate in this dynamic experience and gain spiritual tools for fostering and maintaining overall wellness! All are welcome. 


Parent/Guardian Group 

This group is created to provide support to parents/guardians through shared experiences.  It also provides education and resources, via networking with specialist within the specified field, that help parents to effectively and positively parent their child/children.  Relevant and common issues faced by parents are discussed, such as surviving the adolescent years, raising a child with mental health issues, sexuality and spirituality, and much more.  Participation in this group will provide you a space to release your anxiety and stress pertaining to parenting.  Additionally, you will gain useful insights and tools that will awaken you to the reality of hope and enable you to nurture your child/children to the best of your ability and provide your loved one(s) a healthy and stable foundation that offers the best possibility for a successful and wholesome life.  Open to parents/guardians within the community. 


Youth Group (13-19) 

Integrated Praise Spiritual Center (I.P.S.C.) offers a safe and positive environment in which the youths are heard, respected, and aided in working through the conflicts they face during the critical developmental period called adolescence as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood.  This middle period, so to speak, is filled with challenges (e.g., struggle for autonomy, peer pressure, body image and appearance, establishing romantic relationships, managing sexual urges, communicating with parents, etc.) and changes (e.g., the body transforms as a result of puberty, thought processes appears more general with concerns about the future, sexuality, and more; spawning questions about various social systems, such as religion, politics, etc.).  Besides, discoveries are made about the things adolescence are passionate about, which results in the setting of goals.  The topics discussed will primarily be those that are of common interests to the youths.  It is the intention of IPSC to network with relevant and credible professionals to provide the best support for the youths that will help ensure that the adolescence years provides the opportunity for the youths to develop as healthy and productive adults and members of society.  Furthermore, the youths will benefit from each other as they share experiences and activities that are creative and fun, which is sure to unite them and encourage positive transformation.  This group is open to youths within the community that falls within the age bracket indicated in parenthesis above. 


Young Adult Group (20-35) 

The responsibilities faced by many young adults can be overwhelming as they work toward self-sufficiency.  At this stage in life’s journey, thoughts of finding an apartment or purchasing a home, higher education, career, marriage, starting a family, finances, and more come to bear on their minds.  As young adults navigate the external world they are exposed to societal influences that requires them to make several important decisions pertaining to their lives.  Likewise, as they interact socially as well as examine their internal world (the Self), young adults make decisions about who they are and who they desire to be.  Therefore, this group is designed to awaken young men and women to the Source within and the power of same in their lives as they support each other by making lasting connections and sharing their lived experiences.  The group will participate in a variety of events, workshops, discussion forums, curative arts, and outings filled with fun, laughter, and wonder. Open to the specified age group.  

Unhidden Identities (Restricted)

This support group is specifically developed to meet the needs of Trans and Gender Nonconforming individuals of color, on the masculine spectrum, within our community.  Therefore, this group is open to individuals in the community who fits within the above demographic regardless of where they are in their transition and on the masculine spectrum. We offer a safe, respectful, and healing space where the specified individuals can come together as siblings and discuss various topics and issues pertaining to gender, such as transphobia, living authentically (coming out), the process of transitioning (e.g., challenges obtaining information and seeking help, hormone replacement, mental and physical health, changes in body and personality, surgery, etc.), gender and spirituality, ensuring safety, and much more.  Through the processing of thoughts, recounting of personal stories, and shared activities we hope to empower ourselves and each other as well as be examples to those individuals who are struggling with their own journeys.  Unhidden Identities is committed to journeying together and to holding each other accountable for living our lives spiritually, authentically, and transparently; at all times and in all places.

View the event calendar to determine the Tuesday for the group and/or activity of interest to you. The calendar will also list the facilitator, topic to be discussed, books to be examined, and other information as deem important. Please note that there are rules governing participation in each group to help ensure everyone’s safety, privacy, and comfort. 






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