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 Honoring Ordinary People for Their Positive and/or Extraordinary Works

Master Servant

AmunDayo De Edwards

Master Servant AmunDayo De Edwards

Founder & Pastor of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center

West Coast Regional Minister for Tran Saints Ministry of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries


"The master servant is a willing and humble servant of the Divine, who has followed in the footsteps of many great ancestors and mentors, defying the odds and challenging the status quo in order to help liberate all people. Thus, he continues to work tirelessly to awaken everyone to the eternal Source of all; the God that moves in us, through us, and as us. In addition, he advocates for equality and justice for the marginalized and creates safe space where all can come together as one. Likewise, he gives voice to Transgender issues and is a proponent of Tans visibility and safety as well as work to ensure that all lives matter. Loving people to healing, fostering life, unity, and freedom is his passion and vision. Much love an blessings to you Master Servant!


                               - Submitted by Integrated Praise Family

Rev. Dr. Bishop

Yvette A. Flunder

Rev. Dr. Bishop Yvette A. Flunder

Founder and Senior Pastor of The City of Refuge, UCC

Presiding Bishop of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries


"A prophetic voice, visionary, preacher; advocate for justice, educator, gospel music artist, author, and so much more, this light bearer and salt of the earth has extended and advocated for the radically inclusive love of God to all people. Having been freed from religious dogmas and the domestication of humans that places people into bondage and bring about divide, Bishop Flunder has unapologetically work to free and unite people. She is known for saying, "Free people free people." Hence, her social justice work, which is inclusive but not limited to HIV and Aids has taken her all the way to the steps of the Supreme Courts, beginning in the church house and a journey by way of the White House. There is no doubt that this woman is deserving of honor.

                     - Submitted by Integrated Praise Spiritual Center

Rev. Doretha


Rev. Doretha Williams-Flournoy

Senior Pastor of A Church for All


"Having been exposed to a number of injustices (inequality, discrimination, segregation, stereotyping, etc.) this dynamic, educated, spirit filled, phenomenal woman of God has defied the odds of her childhood low-income community, South Central Los Angeles, to become a strong voice advocating for justice and equality for marginalized people on all fronts, such as the LGBTQI community and the mentally ill among us to include others. As the Deputy Director of California Institute of Mental health she is credited with developing a faith based pilot program to provide more mental health resources. On the other hand, as a pastor and social justice advocate, she continues to lend her voice to several important issues, which are inclusive of but not limited to Spirituality and Sexuality, Gay Marriage, Mental Health, Black Life Matters, and the Rights of Women to Pastor. Rev. Doretha Flournoy has aided many individuals in living their lives openly and in spirit and truth, including the Master Servant and the Priestess of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center. We are proud to call her our Pastor and to count her among the honorees." 

                          - Submitted by The Master servant and Priestess Anes-a Anyanwa" 




Loraine Green

Minister Loraine Green

A Church for All


"Wisdom, prophetic insight, healing, love, and light are among some of the gifts carried in the womb, (the birthing place) of this sage to all those who will receive same. Hence, she has given spiritual birth to many pastors and leaders, encouraging us to awaken to who we are and all that we are as well as accept same. Her strong faith, calm demeanor, gentle tone, and sweet personality is inviting and makes it easy for one to be held loving accountable as we stand corrected and begin to choose again. Like the ocean, her love is unending; her will is undaunting; and that which she offers in spirit is diverse, beautiful, and plenteous. To experience and connect with Mamma Loraine, as we affectionately call her, is to create positive ripple effects in one's life leading to enlightenment. Simply put, her influence in our lives has encouraged us to live spiritually wholesome lives. This daughter of Zion, elder, healer, mystic, warrior woman, and fruit of the vine radiates the positive energies of the Divine and displays the ancient wisdom of the ancestors. She is our spiritual mother who continues to guide us on our path to the Sacred Reality (the I Am that I Am) through prayers, talks, dreams, spiritual works, and more. We love you to life. Amen, Ase, and So it Is! " 


                           - Submitted by The Master Servant and Priestess Anes-a Anyanwa

Winston Godfrey Campbell

Winston Godfrey Campbell



"Winston Campbell was a community leader loved by all in his community for his numerous works to improve the lives of those with whom he came in contact. A life line and mentor to many, he utilized his own personal resources to help ensure that many children had the opportunity to obtain an education, providing school uniforms, books, and lunch money. Additionally, he provided gainful employment for young men and women, whom he taught his trade as a ceiling contractor, for they had no apparent employable skill set. Consequently, he helped lessen the despair of the young people who gathered idly on the street corners as well as reduced the violence. This ambitious man who dropped out of school at the age of 14 to find work to provide for his mother became the owner of his own businesses and a few properties, He is also credited with installing the ceilings of many of the businesses in Jamaica, which are inclusive of but not limited to government buildings, financial institutions, hotels, retail spaces, and more. Besides, he also worked on the US Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay. I honor my father for the man he was and for having been a loving parent and husband as well a faithful provider. His immense love for God was evident in his love for and service to all with whom he came in contact. I love you Baba!

                           - Submitted by Priestess Anes-a Anyanwa Christine Campbell-Edwards

Interfaith Minister Bah'Dori Oyanna

Interfaith Minister Bah'Dori Oyanna

Owner/Director of Skin Care Institute Corp

Founder/CEO of Om Concepts and Provisions


"This interfaith Minister and visionary wears many hats, for she is also Priestess, Oracle, Educator, Healer, Practitioner, and Metaphysician. Her spiritual work is intentional and serves to bring focus, alignment, and clarity to the lives of those with whom she comes in contact. I honor this my sister-friend, colleague, and mentor." 

                           - Submitted by Priestess Anes-a Anyanwa Christine Campbell-Edwards


Larry Farley 

Minister Larry E. Farley Jr

Production Manager / Owner E. Farley Productions


"Larry E. Farley is a anointed man of God with numerous gifts and skills. This rising entrepreneur specializes in music production, photography, web design and small business services. A future businesses mogul, he makes it possible for many business owners (large and small) to realize their dreams by providing them global visibility through effective marketing as well as useful professional advice. He approach business in a very professional and efficient manner with sincere care for his clients and their success. Most importantly, his immense love for and faith in God is evident in his daily life and in his loving, respectful, and compassionate treatment of himself and others. Larry's work in ministry is a blessing to all who have experienced him in worship and leaves no doubt or questions as to his calling. Integrated Praise Spiritual Center has certainly benefited from his numerous professional and ministerial contributions to our community. Larry, the man of many hats, can be considered a door opener for those with whom he comes in contact, whether its in the corporate or spiritual world. To the Integrated Praise Family he is definitely indispensable. We have tremendous love for this leader, colleague, and friend. " 


                           - Submitted by The Master Servant and Priestess Anes-a Anyanwa

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