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AmunDayo De Edwards

 Master Servant (Pastor)

AmunDayo De Edwards is the founder and Senior Master Servant (Pastor) of Integrated Praise SpiritualCenter (I.P.S.C.). He is also the  Co-Facilitator for The TransSaints Ministry of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, and a Khametic Priest of the Kindred of ShiEndra. A gifted leader, husband, and father, AmunDayo’s tremendous love for people is undoubtable and awe inspiring. The charismatic speaker’s messages are simple and profound, piercing the heart, inspiring transformation, and bringing hope and comfort to the hearers. 


The Master Servant comes from a lineage of pastors with roots in the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.), where he served for many years in various leadership positions. However, after becoming spiritually enlightened, he shed the confines of religious dogma and decided to live out loud and free. Hence, this visionary is passionate about aiding people in becoming spiritually awakened, free (shedding the bondage of conditioning and limited thinking), and loving people to healing. Consequently, he embraces spiritual integration as well as radical inclusivity and expansion, activating the concepts and sharing the unconditional love of God wherever he goes and with all whom he comes in contact. Furthermore, this gifted light bearer advocates for and fosters visibility, equality, justice, acceptance, unity, and freedom for all people amongst other things. For, he appreciates and understands that at the intersection of life, spirituality and social justice work together for good providing hope and illuminating the path to the sacred reality (liberation). There is no doubt that the Master Servant is called to serve all people and for a time such as this. To experience this visionary is to be challenged to transcend the status quo, the ordinary, and predictable to arrive at the true ecclesia, which, oversimplified, he views as the gathering or coming together of all people (no exceptions) as one body, in spirit, love, and truth for the purposes of offering praises to God and to bring about and sustain life, peace, and freedom. 


AmunDayo has studied with a variety of credible teachers from various institutions and spiritual paths. He earned a degree in Communication as well as a certificate in Ministry Studies. Currently, he is pursuing his graduate studies in Divinity at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California.

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