Anes-a Anyanwa Christine Campbell-Edwards

First Lady and Priestess

Anes-a Anyanwa Christine Campbell-Edwards is the First Lady and Priestess of Integrated Praise Spiritual Center (I.P.S.C). She is also the founder of Daughters of the Root (D.O. R.), which is a private holistic practice that focuses on co-creating healing and transformation. Having integrated all aspects of herself to fulfill her divine God/Goddess given purposes, the priestess, embodied by the spirit, uniquely and creatively activates the beauty and the healing powers of the Divine as well as the positive energies of the universe to manifest and restore balance, harmony, and wholesomeness to the human mind, body, soul, and the environment.


Also called prophetess by many, the priestess was born in the island of Jamaica where she resided until she was eighteen years of age before migrating to the United States (U.S). Although this vessel of power was exposed to both spiritual and religious forms of worship, she initially igorned the spiritual stirrings inside her soul in favor of institutionalized religion. However, influenced by the religious dogmas of some denominations, she once feared herself before she knew herself. Nevertheless, the calling upon her life was unmistakable and undeniable. Thus, she spent time with the Divine as she sought to know and better understand herself, gifts, and purpose. Then came the teachers (some knowing the role they were meant to play and others unknowing), who helped her to awaken and activate her gifts. Once awakened, the priestess began the shift from limited thinking to more expansive thought processing, welcoming and embracing spirituality and the consciousness of God. Consequently, she acknowledges and accepts the work of healing to which she was called and the work evident in her lineage of healers and seers.


This healer, is dedicated to the concept of complete wellness through spiritual integration and a variety of holistic modalities. Likewise, the priestess is committed to helping others awaken to the sacred ultimate reality and to live spiritually viable, healthy, and wholesome lives as well as building bridges that unites us one with another. Therefore, she seeds into I.P.S.C. and communities, as a whole, by working with individuals and organizations to co-create and incorporate spiritual and holistic wellness practices that are suitable for their lives, using her unique blend and Divine given style of healing.


The priestess have studied with great teachers from a variety of accredited educational institutions and credible indigenous practices, possessing degrees and certifications in a variety of disciplines and holistic modalities. However, Anes-a Anyanwa is most proud of her accomplishment as a wife and mother. Notably, she is a seeker after knowledge and continues to commune with and be guided by the Divine and the ancestors, exploring the field, discovering the healing methods of the ages, and unfolding new ones. 

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